D- shoot

S- jump

A- shank

W- switch weapons

Arrows to move

Any key to advance cutscenes

A game made for the #IWantToCreate Game Jam, but unfortunately was finished mere minutes after the deadline. Oh well.

In the dog year 24878, that's 3554 in human years, M.A.N.N. is a neural network that connects every colonized planet in the known galaxy. It is controlled by a sentient computer and employs K9 units for peacekeeping and problem solving.

Shipley, the best of said K9 units, has received a transmission directly from the Central Computer notifying her of a raccoon infestation on a local food production station. But not all is as it seems.

A run-in with a former ally turned traitor. A hidden planet. The Central Computer turning against its own agents. Can Shipley unravel the mystery at the heart of this conspiracy? Find out in this week's exciting episode of The Adventures of Space Shipley!!

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